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Make Your 3D Dreams a Reality

Professional 3D Solutions Under One Roof

Up to 1,000 Parts

30+ Materials Available

Available in 57 Countries

42 Industrial Printers

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What We Offer

3D Printers

Semiconductor TEST Board

Vision Inspection

Circuit Design & PCB Layout

Prototyping & manufacturing

Why Choose BSOLT

제품 기획

​제품 기획에서 신상품 개발

시제품 생산

SAMPLE 제작 및 시제품 생산

회로 설계

하드웨어 회로 설계 및 PCB ARTWORK

대량생산 및 유지 보수

양산에서 부터 제품 UP GRADE

We Keep Top Notch Materials

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Clients

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